VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP Phone Systems

What’s VoIP? VoIP, or Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), is a better and more affordable way for businesses to communicate. Using high-speed Internet connections to make and receive phone calls, these business phone systems offer options unavailable with traditional phones – and can potentially save you thousands on long-distance and international calls. MyManagedTech will work with your Philadelphia business to review your current usage, explore options and offer a VoIP business phone systems plan to replace or improve your existing system.

MyManagedTech’s Voice-over-IP packages give you:

  • Low-cost hardware, support and upgrades
  • Unlimited calling around the globe
  • New features not available with traditional phone systems
  • Installation, maintenance, and support for South Jersey customers
  • Migration from your current business phone system to VoIP

With Voice-over-IP, your monthly rate stays constant, no matter how many calls you make or where you call. If you regularly make long-distance or international calls, our system could save you thousands of dollars. In addition, with our Internet-based business phone systems, you don’t have to make a large capital investment in equipment that will soon be out-of-date.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you’ll be able to access your phone system – and make and receive calls around the globe. For businesses with a traveling sales force, VoIP is a no-brainer since your staff can stay productive and in touch while on the road or working from home. And VoIP systems are flexible, allowing you to change or upgrade your service as your company grows.

Contact the South Jersey Voice-over-IP experts at MyManagedTech now and start saving with VoIP.