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Hackers rarely target specific business. Whether your company has a proactive approach to cybersecurity or they cipher through as well as they can in the hopes that a hacker never targets your data, they will find a way. Ransomware could easily be hidden in an email attachment or on a hacked website. If a bug like this infects a computer, you can lose access to the files on the computer unless a demanded ransom is met. The dangers of ransomware has already caused billions of dollars in damage to small businesses; the time to plan your approach to cybersecurity is now.

We provide a set “stack” of software and hardware products that we know will protect our clients. The products in our stack will also provide us with meaningful information in the unlikely event of a breach or virus on our client’s systems. These products are all rolled into one “stack” that we provide to our clients on a per user basis.


When selecting a provider of cybersecurity services, it is crucial to make sure the provider has taken the time to understand your business. As technology evolves, the IT structures have become increasingly complex. Ransomware often attacks the computers an employee uses, but that is only one of many cybersecurity threats. Your company may have services running on in-house servers and in the cloud – and those services also need protection.

The managed security service provider needs to understand where your most crucial data resides and have a plan for risk management.


MyManagedTech offers end-to-end cybersecurity to protect household computers, remote servers, and the pipeline of personal information. We can identify which computers are most vulnerable to malware infections and which avenues hackers usually take when attempting to penetrate a network.

The security solutions we offer include traditional protection methods like antivirus software and firewalls. We also use techniques like behavioral modeling to flag suspicious network activity automatically.


Your company’s data is important, and some of it is crucial for your survival. For example, your company may store addresses, phone numbers, and credit card details. If that data is compromised, it could cause irreversible negative reputation among your customers. Moreover, your company has a legal responsibility to protect customers’ private information. At MyManagedTech, we understand the burden of legal compliance. Our managed security services prioritize the highest risk areas to ensure that your organization never has to experience a severe data breach.

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